Ceiling Lifts – “High Efficiency” Mobility for Special Needs



If you are looking for a ceiling lift in Austin, Texas for your loved one with special needs, then trust the experts at Ageless Spaces to help you select the appropriate ceiling lift system for your home. If your loved one needs help moving around the house to accomplish routine activities, a ceiling lift can help her live more freely and efficiently and feel capable again. Here are some of the ways a ceiling lift can help.

Ease of Use

A ceiling lift is, in many cases, the best possible mobility aid for a disabled person for moving efficiently in a home or nursing environment. It is a low-maintenance piece of machinery anchored in the ceiling used to lift a patient from a seated or lying position into a more upright position, or vice versa, or from one location in the home to another. Once installed, it requires no prior setup; just secure your patient in the sling, activate the lift motor, and move your loved one to the desired location.  Floor space remains uncluttered, so caregivers may move around freely, safely, and efficiently.  The ceiling lift is designed and installed to reach every position in the room – and throughout the house – without furniture posing a hindrance.

Safety for Both Caregiver and Love One Brings Peace of Mind

Use of a ceiling lift reduces the risk of caregiver injury due to heavy lifting.  The foremost advantage in minimizing manual lifting is the reduction of heavy strain on the body. The person you are caring for will feel stronger knowing that they are not causing you physical strain and that they can be lifted, moved, and re-positioned with little time and effort. Use of a ceiling lift also reduces the risk of injury to the patient during transfers. Freedom from physical strain and freedom from worry of injury bring peace of mind beyond measure!

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Cost Savings

A ceiling lift saves money by reducing the need for extensive renovations often necessary to retrofit the home for accessibility. Most homes aren’t built to be accessible to a disabled person.  Extensive remodeling is typically required to enable access to important rooms of the house – especially bathrooms.  A ceiling lift system can greatly reduce the amount of remodeling needed to make the home accessible – at a great cost savings.

The use of a ceiling lift reduces the number of home health aides needed to help with patient transfers, and decreases the length of their stay, as a patient can be moved easily and quickly with the ceiling lift. By protecting yourself against injuries from heavy lifting, you can reduce the need for healthcare costs for yourself (measured in both time and money), and be more fully available to your patient’s needs. And the same goes for any other caregivers as well.  Installing a ceiling lift may be the most efficient use of your valuable financial resources in caring for your loved one.


In summary, a ceiling lift is a solution to home health needs when a loved one requires assistance with transfers and moving from room to room in the home.  In a word, the ceiling lift solution is efficient. It makes efficient use of space (floor space remains clear and furniture is not a hindrance); efficient use of caregiver resources (reducing risk of injury to caregiver and patient); and efficient use of financial resources.

Consider how a ceiling lift can help you feel more capable, too! You will be able to relax, knowing that you have installed professional-quality equipment, making it possible for your loved one to live at home safely and cost effectively.


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