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Best Bath Systems

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Because of our dedication to providing the highest quality products, and ensuring the safety of people of all ages and abilities, Ageless Spaces is proud to be Austin’s first Best Bath Systems dealer. Best Bath Systems (BBS) is a leading manufacturer of barrier-free showers and walk-in bathtubs, and has the most innovative and best constructed bathing solutions on the market today. All BBS products are proudly manufactured in the USA, and are backed by the best warranty in the industry



Best Bath Systems products, service and warranty are unsurpassed in the industry, and Ageless Spaces is proud to be an authorized Best Bath dealer.


This 1920s bathroom was gutted and recreated to make it more friendly for wheelchair access. We removed the old cast iron tub and replaced it with a Best Bath barrier-free shower.

Hank Ave

BEFORE: This may be the smallest “full” bath we’ve ever seen. The project was for a homeowner with MS needing wheelchair access to her bathroom in order to move back home from a skilled nursing facility after a year-long stay. The 30″ doorway and standard bathtub made this an inaccessible space for her.


AFTER: Without changing the footprint of the bathroom, every centimeter counts! Homeowner would be accessing bathroom with help of an assistant in a roll-in bath chair. A widened doorway and pocket door maximize clearance into the bathroom. Best Bath Systems barrier-free shower makes for level transition from tile floor to shower. Tiny bathroom feels almost spacious!


Home never appears to us so beautiful as when we are remote from it.
- Christian Nestell Bovee